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nFLARE DAO Airdrop!

The Airdrop competition is open for community members helping to spread the word on social and influencers contributing to the IDO launch

To be eligible to participate in the Airdrop competition, follow these tasks

Join/Follow nFLARE on at least 2 of the below socials:
Recommended - Like, Retweet the Airdrop link and tag at least 3 crypto personalities/influencers with the hashtag:

#nFlareLaunch #nFlareLaunch Copy

Optional* – Add FLARE to your CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko watchlists (*after address is published)

Apply to the

nFLARE DAO Airdrop!

The Airdrop competition is open for early supporters and influencers contributing to the launch

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    Applicants must have minimum 50 Friends or Followers on each channel. Participation does not guarantee to be selected for the airdrop, winners will be selected based on their efforts in helping spreading the word.  Winners will be announced within a week of the token launch event and rewards will be claimable within 5 days after token launch (in order to keep the launch fair and free of bots and price manipulators)

    To learn more about the project:

    We are a community-driven NFT-leasing marketplace and upcoming DAO for contributors, traders, creators, and speculators looking to commercially capitalize NFT assets via leasing